General FAQ

Who do I contact if I have a problem with CrumplePop or a question?

You can email Sara at

What does CrumplePop think about FCPX in general?

It is very, very good. With the past few updates, the rough edges are nearly gone, and it is becoming a standard platform for everyone from ambitious freelancers to ad agencies to post houses.

I’m switching computers and I need to move my plugins over. How do I do that?

If you saved your installers, you can simply move the installer over to your new computer and reinstall. Otherwise, e-mail Sara at with your order number and she can give you some new installers.

Which CrumplePop plugins work with 4K footage?

Will you be making all your FCP 6 & 7 products for FCPX?

Unfortunately not. At least not any time soon.

What sales are you running right now? How do I find out?

Join our mailing list! You can subscribe on the bottom of the home page. We’ll send you an e-mail whenever our products are on sale.

I have a main computer and a laptop. Can I install onto both machines?

CrumplePop’s license is per-user. If you have your main editing system and also a laptop, you may install on both. However, you will need to be the principal user of both machines.


What are the system requirements for using CrumplePop plugins?

Final Cut Pro X plugins require:

  • Mac with Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better, 2GB RAM
  • OpenCL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later
  • OS X v10.6.8 or better

Final Cut Pro 6 & 7 plugins require:

  • Mac with Intel processor, 1GB RAM
  • ATI or NVIDIA graphics processor or Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • OS X v10.5.6 or better
  • Apple Motion

What versions of Final Cut Pro work with CrumplePop plugins?

Our FCPX plugins require Final Cut Pro X v10.0.5 or better. Our plugins for Final Cut Pro 6 & 7 require FCP 6.0.6 or FCP 7.0.3.

If you are using FCP 6/7, you will also need to have the most recent version of Apple Motion installed.

Do CrumplePop plugins work with Final Cut Express?

No. Unfortunately, Final Cut Express does not include support for Master Templates. You need Final Cut Pro 6 or later to use CrumplePop plugins.

Do CrumplePop plugins work with Final Cut Pro 7?

Some of them. You can find all the plugins compatible with FCP 6 & 7 under the Final Cut Pro 7 Plugins tab on the products page.

Installation Troubleshooting in FCPX

I installed a plugin for FCPX, but it doesn’t appear in FCPX!

Go to this folder:

    User>Movies>Motion Templates>Effects

Then find your folders for your specific product. Make sure that the permissions on these folders and the specific product folder are set correctly. To do this, highlight the folder, and press CMD-I to get info. Under “Sharing and Permissions”, make sure that the user has permission to Read and Write. After you have reset your permissions try re running the installer for the effect.

I installed a plugin for FCPX, but when I use it all I see is a blue screen!

This is an easy fix, just update FCPX to the most current version and restart your computer.

I downloaded a CrumplePop plugin and now the installer wants my Name and Registration Code? Where can I find my Registration Code?

When you purchased your CrumplePop plugin you received an email titled “Your [name of CrumplePop plugin] Delivery Information” Inside that email you will find the name you used when you purchased the plugin and the Registration Code for that plugin. Once you have found the information you can copy and paste your name and the Registration Code into the installer for your CrumplePop plugin.

My CrumplePop plugin installer is not working! It keeps giving me an error screen that says “Invalid Registration Information.” What's going on?

Your CrumplePop plugin requires the exact name and registration code that was sent in the “Your [name of CrumplePop plugin] Delivery Information” email. Be sure you are using the same name you used when you purchased your CrumplePop plugin and typing it exactly as it appears in the email. Also make sure you did not accidentally copy in and extra spaces or characters from the email.

I installed SplitScreen X and I need a registration code!

What you’re seeing is a version of our SplitScreen X that is a demo on FX Factory. The full plugin you bought from us will be under Generators browser in the “Split Screen” category, which is in between ”Solids” and “SugarFX Rolling Cr…”

SplitScreen X is not working any more with the 10.0.6 update. What do I do?

Final Cut Pro 10.0.6 has changed the way Drop Zones work in FCPX. Check out our new tutorials on using SplitScreen with the 10.0.6 update here.

I installed Luminuex/Paul Irmiter: Dacar, but I can’t find it in the effects browser?

These plugins work like overlay effects. Simply go to the provided .html link and download the files you want from there. Then import those files into FCPX as you would any footage. From there use composite mode to overlay them over your footage. If you would like a light leak plugin that is more integrated into FCPX, check out HalfLight and OverLight on our Final Cut Pro X Plugins page.

How do I uninstall my CrumplePop plugins and trials in FCPX?

Uninstallation is as simple as finding the CrumplePop plugin you wish to uninstall and then deleting the files in the finder.

In the Finder go to the following location:

    User>Movies>Motion Templates

Inside this folder you will find all the Effects, Generators, Transitions, and Titles that are installed on your Computer. For each type of plugin there is a corresponding folder. If you are looking to uninstall an Effect product like CrumplePop ColorKit then go to the Effects folder. If you are looking to uninstall a Transition product like CrumplePop HalfLight go to the Transitions folder. The file path of the CrumplePop Effect you wish to uninstall is exactly like it appears in FCPX Effects Browser. Once you find the folder of the plugin you wish to uninstall delete it, empty your trash, and restart Final Cut Pro X. Once Final Cut Pro reopens, you will no longer find the plugin you deleted inside Final Cut Pro X.

Installation Troubleshooting in FCP 6 & 7

I installed a plugin for FCP 6/7, but the installer keeps failing.

Make sure you have installed the Pro Apps update before using master templates in FCP 6 & 7:

When I drag a Master Template onto my timeline, FCP crashes! What do I do?

Easy – some of you (ahem) have moved your FCP and Motion apps to a random folder on your Mac. Move them back into your Applications folder, and run Software Update. This will allow Software Update to find FCP and Motion, and it will update them correctly so that this bug is resolved.

You say to install this stuff in the “Templates” folder, but there is no “Templates” folder! You lied!

There are a couple reasons why you might not have a “Templates” folder:

  1. You don’t have Motion installed. You will need to install Motion in order to use CrumplePop effects, or any other Master Templates for that matter.
  2. You just don’t have a “Templates” folder. For some reason, certain people just don’t have a “Templates” folder. The solution? Create one! It’s easy — just go here:
      Library>Application Support>Final Cut Studio>Motion

    and create a folder called “Templates” (with a capital “T”). Then drop your CrumplePop plugins into this new “Templates” folder you just created. Simple as that!

I have installed my CrumplePop plugins in the Templates folder, but they don’t appear in FCP! What’s going on?

There are actually two Templates folders on your Mac, and sometimes you simply need to move your CrumplePop plugins from one Templates folder to the other Templates folder. One Templates folder is here:

    HD>Library>Application Support>Final Cut Studio>Motion>Templates

and another one is here:

    User>Library>Application Support>Final Cut Studio>Motion>Templates

If your CrumplePop plugins aren’t showing up in FCP, try moving them to the other Templates folder and restarting FCP. This often does the trick!

I downloaded Grain35/Luminuex/Paul Irmiter: Dacar and I can’t find it in FCP 6/7! Wha happen?

When you download these plugins, included in the installer you will see an .html file that contains links to all of the assets. This link will never go bad, so you may download the assets as you need them. You can simply import these into FCP 6/7 and overlay them onto your footage.

How do I uninstall my CrumplePop plugins and trials in FCP 6/7?

Uninstallation is as simple as finding the CrumplePop product you wish to uninstall and deleting the files in the finder. All CrumplePop plugins for Final Cut Pro 6 & 7 can be found in the following location:

    User>Library>Application Support>Final Cut Studio>Motion>Templates

Simply find the folder of the plugin you wish to uninstall and delete it. Once you have done that, empty your trashcan and restart Final Cut Pro. Any plugins you deleted will now be uninstalled.


What codecs are supported?

List of supported codecs for FCP 6 & 7 Products:

  • dvcprohd 720p24
  • dvcprohd 720p25
  • dvcprohd 720p30
  • dvcprohd 720p50
  • dvcprohd 720p60
  • dvcprohd 1080i50
  • dvcprohd 1080i60
  • dvcprohd 1080p24
  • dvcprohd 1080p30
  • hdv 720p24
  • hdv 720p25
  • hdv 720p50
  • hdv 720p60
  • hdv 1080i50
  • hdv 1080i60
  • hdv 1080p24
  • hdv 1080p25
  • ntscdv 480i60
  • paldv
  • xdcamex 720p24
  • xdcamex 720p25
  • xdcamex 720p50
  • xdcamex 720p60
  • xdcamex 1080i50
  • xdcamex 1080i60
  • xdcamex 1080p24
  • xdcamex 1080p25
  • xdcamex 1080p30
  • xdcamhd 1080i50
  • xdcamhd 1080i60
  • xdcamhd 1080p24
  • xdcamhd 1080p25
  • xdcamhd 1080p30
  • Canon 5d/7d/60d h.264 and transcoded footage
  • Panasonic GH1 and other DSLR h.264 and transcoded footage

What about ProRes?

CrumplePop plugins work great with ProRes. Just use the codec that matches the format that your clip was shot in, before you transcoded to ProRes. So for instance, if you shot in HDV1080i60 and then transcoded to ProRes, you will use the HDV1080i60 version of our plugins.

Do CrumplePop plugins work with footage shot with a Canon 5d, Canon 7d, or Canon 60d?

Yes. If you have footage shot on a Canon DSLR, you can easily use it with CrumplePop plugins. This is true whether you are using the native h.264 footage straight off the camera, or if you have transcoded from h.264 to another format, like ProRes (highly recommended). To use this footage, you just need to use a CrumplePop plugin with the same resolution, framerate, and PAR (pixel aspect ratio). Usually, the XDCAMEX format is a good match. To put it more simply:

For Canon 5d/7d/60d footage that is 1080p24, use CrumplePop plugins in this format:

  • xdcamex_1080p24

For Canon 5d/7d/60d footage that is 720p24, use CrumplePop plugins in this format:

  • xdcamex_720p24

For Canon 5d/7d/60d footage that is 720p60, use CrumplePop plugins in this format:

  • xdcamex_720p60


The same applies to footage shot with other DSLRs, like the Panasonic GH1 – just make sure you are using the CrumplePop format that matches the resolution, framerate, and PAR (pixel aspect ratio) of your footage. If you need suggestions for how to handle a particular video format with CrumplePop plugins, you can get in touch via email and we will be happy to help you sort it out.

Troubleshooting in FCPX

Why do the clips I dropped into SplitScreen X keep freezing or not sync up?

In Final Cut Pro 10.0.6 and 10.0.7 there is a brand new workflow for adding content to Drop Zones. This means there are a few new things to learn to use SplitScreen X in 10.0.6 and 10.0.7. Also there are a few bugs to watch out for. We have a new tutorial about using SplitScreen in 10.0.6 on our website here:

(Note: If you have tried multiple failed Drop Zone placements you must clear your project render files before trying the workflow in the tutorials. To clear your render files go to the project browser, highlight your project and go to file>clear project render files and select “all files.”)

Troubleshooting in FCP 6 & 7

What if I want to customize the templates? For instance, what if I want to change the font color?

If you know how to use Motion and want to customize the templates, you can do so. Just click on the .motn files that you installed and that will open them in motion. Once you are in Motion modify, and then save out as Master Templates of your own.

Rendering is too slow! It takes forever. What’s going on?

There are two reasons why CrumplePop plugins might be rendering slowly for you:

  1. You have a slow Mac. If you are on a G5 or a single-core Intel Mac, things might take a while to render.
  2. You have been affected by a bug in FCP 7. Certain users are reporting extremely slow rendering times for Master Templates (including ours) in FCP 7. We’re currently investigating who is affected and why. You can follow an online discussion of this issue here and here. A benchmarking analysis conducted by concluded, “For reasons that remain a mystery for the moment, the newest (summer 2009) version of Final Cut Studio is significanty slower than previous version — at least where Compressor and Motion are concerned. Hopefully, this will be addressed by Apple’s software engineers in a future point release.”

When I use CrumplePop plugins with my PAL project and render in ProRes, I get messed up green frames and/or render errors. What’s going on?

There seems to be a problem in FCP with the combination of Master Templates + ProRes + PAL. We suggest the following workaround for SD: Create a DV50 PAL 48Khz sequence, and do your CrumplePop plugins work in DV50 PAL instead of ProRes PAL. If your project is HD, you can replace ProRes with 25fps XDCAM or DVCProHD.

FCP is crashing with the message “The problem may have been caused by the ProMedia plug-in” or “The problem may have been caused by the ProGraphics plug-in.” What the heck does that mean?

There is a bug in FCP that causes FCP to crash in certain circumstances when you are using Motion projects on the FCP timeline. You can find an ongoing discussion of this FCP bug here. This seems to affect only a small number of users, but for those affected, it is extremely disruptive. Since all CrumplePop plugins involve putting Motion projects on the timeline, we are developing a workaround to eliminate the crashing.

When I drop a Master Template onto the timeline and apply a transition filter to the beginning of the clip, I can’t make the transition last longer than 1 frame! What’s going on? Garrrr!!!!!

This is very easy to avoid. The In point is simply at very beginning of the Master Template clip, and it needs to be moved forward a bit. Before you drag your Master Template onto the timeline, double-click on it to bring it up in the Viewer, just like you would with any video clip. Then set your In point in the middle of the Master Template clip, rather than at the very beginning. For instance, you could set the In point 20 seconds into the Master Template clip. This will give Final Cut enough elbow room to apply the transition to the beginning of your Master Template clip on the timeline.

When I double-click on a Master Template, it just comes up as a black or blank white frame. I can’t see the Master Template at all!

There are three different things that may be causing this:

  1. You are using an older version of Final Cut Studio. People have been able to fix the problem by running a Software Update and updating Final Cut Studio to the newest version. You can find more info on this problem here. This problem does occur with newer versions of FCS and Leopard, but it is very rare, and Apple has not yet acknowledged it as a known issue.
  2. You have Magic Bullet plugins installed (for instance, Magic Bullet Looks or Colorista). Users are reporting that Magic Bullet plugins cause Master Templates in Final Cut Pro 6 and 7 to show up as black or white blank frames. To fix this problem, remove Magic Bullet plugins from your plugins folder and restart. You can find info on uninstalling Magic Bullet plugins here. Another good option is to turn off your Magic Bullet plugins using the FCS Maintenance Pack.
  3. In rare cases, Final Cut will display Master Templates as blank white frames in the viewer. One of our users has reported the following fix for this problem. He was running FCP on an 8-core Nehalem Mac Pro running Leopard, with two monitors:
    1. Shut down completely.
    2. Unplug monitor #2.
    3. Restart.
    4. Open FCP and let it load completely.
    5. Plug in monitor #2.

    You HAVE to restart and unplug – that’s the key. You cannot cold unplug.

Final Cut Pro is acting really weird and unpredictable all of the sudden. How do I fix it?

Sometimes the Final Cut Pro preferences files get corrupted, and you need to trash them. Try using this free utility: FCP Rescue

When I try to install the font Justy1, FontBook reports that the font is “missing opentype data”, and says not to install the font. What should I do?

Some users have reported having problems installing the justy1 font on MacOS 10.4.11. If you are having this problem, you should throw away your copy of the justy1 font and download this version of justy1 instead. This is a repaired version of justy1 that we created to solve this problem.

I tried to sign up to your mailing list to download the free plugins, but I can’t get to the free downloads!

The link to the free downloads actually lives on the subscription confirmation page. If you are already subscribed, it will take you to an error page that has the link in the middle of the page.

I am using SplitScreen with 1920×1080 clips. I drop in a smaller 1280×720 clip just for fun, replacing the original 1920×1080 clip. Then I change my mind, and replace it again with a 1920×1080 clip. But it still displays my 1920×1080 clip as 1280×720, so it looks way too small and totally wrong. I can’t get my 1920×1080 clip to display at the right size any more! What’s going on?

This is a bug in FCP/Motion. It affects all Master Templates, not just SplitScreen. Luckily, there is an easy way to force FCP to display clips in drop zones at the proper size:

  1. Select the SplitScreen clip that is giving you problems.
  2. Cut it to remove it from the sequence (CMD-X).
  3. Paste it back in exactly where it was before in the sequence (CMD-V). This will reset the wells to display your footage at the proper size.

If I’m using HDV source footage that I then transcoded to the Pro Res SQ codec for a ProRes sequence, which setting should I use?

Luckily, it’s very simple. Just use the setting that matches your source footage. So if you shot HDV 1080i60, then choose the HDV 1080i60 version of the CrumplePop plugin and drop it in your ProRes SQ sequence. No need to transcode, and there is no rendering penalty.

Put another way, as long as the resolution, framerate, and PAR of the CrumplePop template match that of your source footage, you’re good to go.


Why do I have to download all these fonts separately? This is so dumb!

In order to respect the designers of the excellent free fonts used in CrumplePop plugins we ask that you download the fonts from their page. It takes only an extra minute or two to download the fonts individually, and it keeps everything legit. Please note that the fonts are free for personal use. If you are using them in a commercial project, you should purchase a license from the font author.

Where can I download the fonts used in CrumplePop Metal?

Click here to download the recommended font for CrumplePop Metal.

Where can I download the fonts used in CrumplePop Revealer?

Below are links to download the 4 fonts recommended for CrumplePop Revealer:

Where can I download the fonts used in CrumplePop Hand-Drawn, Notes, and Photo?

Below are links to download the 7 fonts recommended for CrumplePop Hand-Drawn, CrumplePop Photo, and CrumplePop Notes. You do not need these fonts in order to use CrumplePop ShrinkRay or CrumplePop Reflector.

(Note: If you try downloading the Fluorine font above, and it just opens in TextEdit, then you need to download the latest version of Stuff Expander. This is a free download and you can get it here.)

(Note also: Some users have reported having problems installing the Justy1 font on MacOS 10.4.11. If you are having this problem, you should throw away your copy of the Justy1 font and download this version of Justy1 instead. This is a repaired version of Justy1 that solves this problem.)