SkinTone for Final Cut Pro X lets you quickly restore beautiful, natural skin tones in your subjects. Whether you forgot to white balance or had to wrestle with mixed lighting, SkinTone makes it easy to fix the shot. SkinTone gives you the same powerful Temperature and Tint controls found in photo editing applications – right inside FCP X.
works inside Final Cut Pro X
SD, 720 & 1080
supports all major codecs
$75 $39
immediate download
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No more orange faces

It happens all the time – tungsten light sneaks into a shot and you wind up with a subject with an orange face. SkinTone lets you quickly restore beautifully natural skintones.
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Correct for different light sources

Different light sources – tungsten, daylight, fluorescent – all have different color temperatures, and each will literally color your shot differently. SkinTone lets you adjust for all of them.
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Simple, powerful controls

SkinTone is based on just two powerful controls: Temperature and Tint. These are similar to the tools available in Aperture, Lightroom, and other sophisticated photo manipulation platforms, but with a narrower range that makes skin tone correction easier.
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Handy skintone reference card

SkinTone includes a handy reference card with examples of what natural skin tones look like. Switch it on, off, or reposition it within the frame – it’s there for your convenience.

Skintone: An Introduction

To see how SkinTone can improve your projects, watch this brief introduction.
Editing platform Final Cut Pro X
Hardware requirements Mac with Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better, 2GB RAM
Graphics card requirements OpenCL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later
OS requirements OS X v10.0.8 or better
Supported codecs All codecs supported by Final Cut Pro X
Supported resolutions All resolutions supported by Final Cut Pro X
Regional Support NTSC, PAL
Supported cameras All Canon DSLRs, All Nikon DSLRs, All Panasonic DSLRs,
Black Magic Cinema Camera (ProRes mode),
Sony NEX, HVR, HXR, HDR and PMW series camcorders,
Panasonic AG, AF, HMC, HDC, HC series camcorders,
GoPro® HD Hero, HD Hero2 and HD Hero3,
most other h.264 and AVCHD format cameras.
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