Platinotype makes it easy to apply a platinum photographic process to your footage. By simply dragging and dropping Platinotype onto your clip, you can create rich, textured portraits and landscapes very quickly. Platinotype works with Final Cut Pro X only.
works inside Final Cut Pro X
SD, 720 & 1080
supports all major codecs
$75 $39
immediate download
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Platinotype Platinotype is available in the LightKit Suite: 5 plugins for $149. Learn More.

Platinotype: An Introduction

To see how Platinotype can stylize your footage, watch this brief introduction.
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The Platinum Process

Platinum print photography is a beautiful imaging process that was perfected in the late nineteenth century. Sometimes referred to as “platinotypes”, platinum prints have a very wide tonal range, maintaining detail across shadows and highlights extremely well. CrumplePop Platinotype contains simple controls for creating a platinum print color grade quickly, as well as advanced controls for adjusting luminance carried in the red, green, and blue channels individually.
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Easily Adjust Depth

Platinotype also allows you to quickly stack multiple luma-adjusted layers via a single control called “Depth”. By simply sliding a slider, you can dial in more depth or less, modeling your subject in a way that is similar to moving physical lights on a set. Platinotype also has a “Shadow Depth” control, allowing you to selectively pull detail from shadows. This works especially well on clean, high-bitrate footage.
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Recover Fine and Coarse Detail

Platinotype also includes two detail recovery controls – “Fine Detail” and “Course Detail”. Unlike conventional sharpening filters, Platinotype’s detail recovery can be set relatively high before introducing noise. The result is a level of texture that reflects one of the most striking features of platinum process photography – a smooth but tack-sharp image with high contrast details.
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Works Inside FCP X

Platinotype was designed from the ground up for FCP X. Because it is an FCP X effect, it can be dropped onto your footage and previewed in real time – no need to wait for rendering. Platinotype for FCP X contains powerful controls that allow you to dramatically improve image quality extremely quickly.
Editing platform Final Cut Pro X
Hardware requirements Mac with Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better, 2GB RAM
Graphics card requirements OpenCL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later
OS requirements OS X v10.6.8 or better
Supported codecs All codecs supported by Final Cut Pro X
Supported resolutions All resolutions supported by Final Cut Pro X
Regional Support NTSC, PAL
Color filter array RGB color filter
Supported cameras All Canon DSLRs, All Nikon DSLRs, All Panasonic DSLRs,
Black Magic Cinema Camera (ProRes mode),
Sony NEX, HVR, HXR, HDR and PMW series camcorders,
Panasonic AG, AF, HMC, HDC, HC series camcorders,
GoPro® HD Hero and HD Hero2,
most other h.264 and AVCHD format cameras.
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