HDR for GoPro®

HDR for GoPro® is a quick and powerful way to give punch to your GoPro® footage. High dynamic range (HDR) images retain detail in both highlights and shadows, creating dramatic, “hyper-real” images. Just drag and drop HDR for GoPro® onto your HD HERO2 or HERO3 footage, adjust it to your liking, and enjoy.
works inside Final Cut Pro X
SD, 720 & 1080
supports all major codecs
$49 $39
immediate download
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Optimized for Protune

If you have a GoPro® HD HERO2 or HERO3 camera, you can download an amazing, free update from GoPro® called Protune. Protune significantly increases the bitrate of your footage, which is especially useful if you are doing color grading in post. HDR for GoPro® is designed to take full advantage of Protune, delivering images that you’d never have thought possible from such a tiny camera.
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Even Better with GoPro® HERO3

HDR for GoPro® works great with your HD HERO2 with Protune. But the HERO3 with Protune combines the superior sensor in the HERO3 with a formidable 35mb/s data rate (or a really remarkable 45mb/s on the HERO3 Black Edition with Protune). The result is that HDR for GoPro® looks simply unbelievable when applied to footage from the HERO3. If you are working in a professional production context, this is what we recommend you use. It’s what we’ll be using!
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Tone Mapping Made Easy

Tone mapping is an image processing technique that simulates the properties of high dynamic range (HDR) photography. The result is a striking, “hyper-real” frame with an expanded range of detail in both highlights and shadows. By simply adjusting the slider controls inside HDR for GoPro®, you can dial in a small amount of tone mapping to give punch to ordinary footage, or you can crank it up to create a dramatic, highly stylized image.
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Drag and Drop

Simply go to the Effects Browser in FCP X and drag HDR for GoPro® onto your clip. If you have a relatively new Mac (even an iMac or Mac Mini), you can play back your clip in real time – no waiting to render.
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Developed for Final Cut Pro X

CrumplePop HDR for for GoPro® was designed from the ground up for FCP X. Because HDR for GoPro® is a native FCP X effect, it can be dropped onto your footage and previewed in real time – no need to wait for rendering. Most importantly, HDR for GoPro® allows you correct your footage without ever leaving your FCP X editing environment. Fewer round trips to other applications means faster project turn times, happy clients, and more time for editors to kick back and enjoy life.
Editing platform Final Cut Pro X
Hardware requirements Mac with Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better, 2GB RAM
Graphics card requirements OpenCL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later
OS requirements OS X v10.6.8 or better
Supported codecs All codecs supported by Final Cut Pro X
Supported resolutions All resolutions supported by Final Cut Pro X
Regional Support NTSC, PAL
Supported cameras GoPro® HD HERO2 and HERO3

CrumplePop HDR for GoPro® is designed for use with GOPRO® products. CrumplePop HDR for GoPro® is not affiliated with or endorsed by GOPRO® or Woodman Labs, Inc. GOPRO® is a registered trademarks of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
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