Red Giant Carousel

Carousel makes it easy to apply vintage camera looks to your footage.

By simply dragging and dropping Carousel on to your clip, you can create classic, stylish effects.

Carousel works with Final Cut Pro X only.
works inside Final Cut Pro X
SD, 720 & 1080
supports all major codecs
immediate download
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Carousel: An Introduction

To see how Carousel can stylize your footage, watch this brief introduction.
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Co-Produced with Red Giant

Carousel is a co-production of CrumplePop and Red Giant, maker of Magic Bullet Suite and the leading developer of visual effects tools for filmmakers.
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10 Vintage Camera Looks

Carousel captures the classic look of color cross-processing, film fading, and vignettes. Authenticity was key in development. Each look was created using film prints from a toy camera and 120 film, with care taken to preserve the color profile and unique flaws in the prints that came back from the lab. On top of that, Carousel features optically-captured light leaks to complete the unique feel of using a vintage plastic camera.
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Drag and Drop

Simply go to the Effects area in FCP X and drag one of the 10 vintage presets onto your clip. If you have a relatively new Mac (even an iMac or Mac Mini), you can play back your clip in real time – no waiting to render.
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Completely Customizable

Nearly every detail in Carousel is customizable, from the color and flicker of the light leak to the style and size of the vignette. If you like, you can customize the color, light leaks, fading, and vignette to your liking to create hundreds of different looks. With Carousel you can capture the exact look you need for your project.
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Works Inside FCP X

Carousel was designed from the ground up for FCP X. Because it is an FCP X effect, it can be dropped onto your footage and previewed in real time – no need to wait for rendering. Carousel for FCP X contains powerful controls that allow you to stylize your footage extremely quickly.
Editing platform Final Cut Pro X
Hardware requirements Mac with Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better, 2GB RAM
Graphics card requirements OpenCL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later
OS requirements OS X v10.6.8 or better
Supported codecs All codecs supported by Final Cut Pro X
Supported resolutions All resolutions supported by Final Cut Pro X
Regional Support NTSC, PAL
Supported cameras All Canon DSLRs, All Nikon DSLRs, All Panasonic DSLRs,
Black Magic Cinema Camera (ProRes mode),
Sony NEX, HVR, HXR, HDR and PMW series camcorders,
Panasonic AG, AF, HMC, HDC, HC series camcorders,
GoPro® HD Hero and HD Hero2,
most other h.264 and AVCHD format cameras.
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